About Phoenix Coach Global

We know that’s probably not what you expected to see when you clicked to find out about Phoenix Coach, but the truth is, that’s exactly what we do.

At heart, each one of the members of our leadership team is a certified bus nut. We love our coaches like members of our families and want to help you make a Phoenix Coach the next member of yours.

Below you can find about about our company, our history, our process, and our leadership. All of us at Phoenix would welcome contact from you and will be glad to answer any questions you have.



Phoenix Coach is born from the company that was, until the mid-90’s, Eagle Coach. Eagle ruled the roads with thousands of coaches being driven in commercial fleets and by hundreds of road going professionals. We are taking their road-proven designs and improving on them, updating them for today.  

Eagle is our history and our heritage, but Phoenix Coach is so much more than that. Eagle has a rich and interesting story which we are now proud to be a part. If you want to read more about the roots of the Phoenix Coach tree, you can do so over here.

As for Phoenix Coach, all you ever wanted to know about us can be found below.


Phoenix Coach is an experience focused company, providing our customers with well designed, innovative and high-quality coaches. Our customers are our top priority and we promise to provide superior services before, during and after any sale. Phoenix Coach wants to be in constant communication with our investors and our customers to help further their business as they help further ours. It emphasizes how we view Phoenix Coach as a whole and illustrates the most important elements of Phoenix Coach.

We are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our product which showcases dependability and endurance that owners can rely on. We do not want to just build coaches for our customers, we want to help build their lifestyle– a lifestyle centered around the love for the best ride offered in the bus industry today. Of course, we want to be profitable, but not just to make everyone at the top money. We plan to generate profit that is sufficient to encourage risk-taking and the ability to reward team members as much as we reward our shareholders.

The primary reason that Phoenix Coach exists is to manufacture motorcoaches. That is the bottom line. Without the manufacturing of the motorcoaches, Phoenix could not exist. However, the purpose of Phoenix Coach goes far beyond its primary reason for existing. We believe that manufacturing is a critical part of the American economy. This “American Made” mentality also puts an emphasis on quality and we make sure those levels of quality are met every time we sell a coach. Here at Phoenix, we like to talk about goals; we like to think big and plan for the future.

In short, Phoenix Coach is building the American dream: building through hard work and team effort. It is centered around a professional group of people working toward a common goal. At Phoenix Coach, loyalty and integrity are how we conduct business.


The driving factor behind the success of Phoenix Coach is the diverse, incredibly-talented people behind the scenes. We have professional people covering every area of the business, crossing I’s and dotting T’s.

Neil Fluit

Neil is the driver of the bus here at Phoenix Coach has 18 years of experience in manufacturing and prototyping. As a member of the Iowa National Guard, Neil was trained in infantry, hazardous material handling, and as a large wheeled vehicle driver.

Neil also has an incredible amount of passion for Phoenix Coach. When listening to him talk about his dream of starting Phoenix, you just get excited. This passion is at the heart of what drives everyone here at Phoenix Coach.


Daniel brings over 30 years of experience and expertise in the transportation industry. Daniel had worked at Eagle Bus Manufacturing for over 12 years as a customer service manager for quality control and parts management.

Daniel is considered to be the foremost authority on Eagle products. His knowledge of the marketing and product specifications of Eagle Coaches and the coach industry as a whole makes him an invaluable asset to Phoenix Coach.

You can see Daniel Lenz with fellow Eagle enthusiasts, former owners, experts and life long fans in the video from Terrapin Blue

Tim Altena

Tim is a drafter and design engineer who has worked in production manufacturing for the past 15 years. Tim is skilled in Solidworks 3D CAD software which allows faster visualization of completed parts.

Tim brings a very analytical and engineering mindset to the business which helps keep everyone grounded. His passion to see this business succeed is immense and his abilities are an invaluable asset to making it happen.


Angel has over 30 years of experience in the Transportation Industry. During his time in the US Marine Corp., he gained Embarkation/Logistics/ Supply Chain management experience.

His experience as a motor coach company owner and as a driver gives him unique perspective on designing the coaches for driver and passenger safety and comfort. His passion for this company is extraordinary and his consistent list of ideas is uplifting as he continually tries to improve the coach ideas and concepts not only for the owners but for the drivers and passengers as well.

Angel Headshot

Johnny has nearly 2 decades of marketing experience operating a digital marketing, media, and design company and has worked as marketing director and in the interactive marketing department at a number of companies including EW Scripps (TLC, DIY Network, etc). Also acting as an interactive director for major market radio gives him a unique perspective on the customers we serve.

Johnny and his family are also owners of a classic model 15 Eagle coach, the Wanderlust Bus, and reside in it as a tiny-house-on-wheels. His passion for Eagle buses, and the technologies and owner experience that they developed contribute to his drive to see Phoenix Coach become an icon on the road once again.


Larry has over 45 years of experience in welding both in commercial and residential construction as a welding supervisor and as a welding instructor. He taught multiple types of welding at Northwest Iowa Community College and tutored many individuals that were trying to receive their welding certifications.

Larry is also our CEO’s father and his passion for Phoenix Coach coincides with Neil’s passion. He brings much-needed expertise to the company with his knowledge of different types of welding. This knowledge will be invaluable when the manufacturing of the motorcoaches begins.

Larry Fluit


Legendary ride quality is now born in South Dakota. Our state-of-the-art production facilities produce custom designed coaches for customers with impeccable attention to detail.