1971 Golden Eagle 05

This video was shot and narrated by the late Bob Redden, most likely in the early 1980’s.

Bob was a prolific bus photographer, and the founder of IBC (International Bus Collectors). IBC was a bus enthusiast’s club and publication, and Bob (with the help from lots of people including some of you) started Bus Bash, which in some ways is precursor to the Museum of Bus Transportation (MOBT) Spring Fling. This Golden Eagle Model 05 was the last all original Golden Eagle running at the time Bob did the video. Richard Allison would not consider selling the bus at the time. However, when he passed away, the family donated it to the Museum of Bus Transportation (MOBT).  It is such a unique piece of history and basically untouched with any modifications. They also knew it belonged in the MOBT because it was so rare.

This particular Golden Eagle (serial number 8410) is currently display at the Hershey, Pa-based Museum of Bus Transportation (MOBT). The Hershey, Pa-based Museum of Bus Transportation (MOBT) and the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum (AACA) agreed to merge in 2019. The award winning AACA Museum is a Smithsonian Affiliate and has served as the home of the Museum of Bus Transportation since opening to the public in 2003.

Founded in 1994 the MOBT began renting exhibit space at the AACAM in 2003. They currently have a fleet of 40 historic buses, ranging from a 1908 White to a 2009 battery-powered Proterra. Many are currently stored at an annex, but the plan is to eventually have them all available to the public during the AACAM’s extensive hours.

1971 Golden Eagle Model 05

The Panhandle Golden Eagle was 1 of only 12 built in 1971 and also these were the last batch of Golden Eagles built according to the Eagle records. Here are the others in that production run. As you can see, Panhandle only purchased the one Golden Eagle at that time.

1971 Golden Eagle 05 Trailways Sign

Serial No.
8404    American Bus Lines, Eastern
8405    American Bus Lines, Eastern
8406    American Bus Lines, Eastern
8407    American Bus Lines, Mid-American
8408    Continental Western Lines
8409    Continental Western Lines
8410    Continental Panhandle Lines
8411    Continental Western Lines
8412    Continental Southern Lines
8413    Continental Southern Lines
8414    Tennessee Trailways
8415    Tennessee Trailways

1971 Golden Eagle 05 Curb Side Emblem and Destination Sign

Visit the Bob Redden Archives website and their youtube page Redden Archives.

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