A Dream Takes the Road to Reality

A Dream Takes the Road to Reality

             It was seven years ago when Neil Fluit realized it would be far easier and a lot more fun to haul their ever-increasing extended family on vacation in a motorcoach instead of using multiple vehicles. While perhaps skeptical at first, the family indulged Neil in his unconventional solution. A week later the Fluit family were the proud owners of a 1983 Eagle Model 10. 3 years later they purchased an additional 1987 Eagle Model 20x Prototype. From this point on, the curiosity for Neil only grew. He immersed himself in the history of the Eagle motorcoaches and joined an ardent following of Eagle Coach fans in several different groups on social media.

A Seed is Planted

While educating himself on the ins and outs of the coaches an idea began to form. There was a business opportunity here, at first only a simple plan, to start making replacement parts for old Eagle Coaches. Such a plan, however, was not viable in the long term. Such a plan did not make sense to make parts for a coach that was no longer manufactured. It was not long after that a much more ambitious plan began to form. A revival, if you will. It started as a question, “Would it be possible to manufacture new Eagle Coaches?” After five years of strenuous research, questions, and discovery, the answer to that bold question was firmly established. Yes, it was possible to manufacture Eagle Coaches again. A second revelation was also revealed; a growing number of people wanted to see these coaches back on the road.

Building the Future

With a systematic and analytical approach which correlated with his mechanical oriented mind, Neil began to assemble a team. Experts inside and outside the industry were contacted and their knowledge utilized in the creation of a business plan and an overall business structure. While maintaining the legacy of the Eagle Coach, Phoenix Coach Global was born. The name represents the rise of something great. Phoenix arises from the greatness of the Eagle’s past.