Continental Trailways contracts 126 Coaches from Kässbohrer

In May 1957 President Maurice E. Moore of Continental Trailways again visited the Kässbohrer factory. He signed a contract for two Academy Express articulated coaches, 50 more Golden Eagles, four Super Golden Eagles and 41 Silver Eagles for delivery in 1957 and 1958 plus 85 more Silver Eagles for later delivery.

The two Academy Express articulated coaches came first in 1957. Fifty Golden Eagles with M.A.N engines and Z.F. preselector transmissions were delivered later in 1957 with the last few in 1958. Four articulated Super Golden Eagles with Rolls-Royce diesel engines followed them. Forty-five Silver Eagles were to have followed in 1958 but the number was reduced to 41 because Continental bought the two articulated Academy Express coaches from Kässbohrer in 1957 to take the place of the four missing Silver Eagles. These two were each built on an underfloor-engined Henschel chassis with Kässbohrer bodywork. They were part of Kässbohrer’s standard product range for their German customers and technically were not Eagles.