Eagle Model 20 is Introduced

Eagle Model 20

The Model 20 was introduced in 1987, which was an updated Model 10 with the external styling of the wider Model 15. The Model 20, like the Model 10 was a 96″ wide coach. The Model 20 shared similar styling as the Model 15 but a narrower chassis to meet the needs of customers, due to their narrower roads,¬† in the northeast, for European¬†customers, and Australian customers. Externally it is difficult to distinguish the Model 15 and 20. Over the years, many smaller improvements were made and some companies ordered special versions of the standard models. For example, New Jersey Transit bought a special version of the Model 20 which had very large front destination displays and large black helper bumpers. These bumpers are common in the intracity transit industry and designed to reduce the impact force of a motor vehicle on a pedestrian.