Model 01 on the Production Line

Phoenix is Distilled American Dream

Phoenix Coach is the opportunity to build a truly American coach. It is the rebirth of a classic American coach that represents family, community and the exploration of this beautiful nation. It is the culture of customer satisfaction and input in the coach that they use in service. The desire for safety, quality reliability, and productivity that not only drives our company but also our customers. It is about community and the skills we have available to change the shape of an entire industry. Phoenix Coach is about pride in America and the spirit of our ability to produce a far product superior to that of our competition.

Our story is the underdog story. A company that has been told shouldn’t exist and perseveres. Phoenix Coach is the American dream, built through hard work and team effort. It is people working toward a common goal. Phoenix Coach is innovation in a stagnant market. We strive for perfection. The best coach on the road. The pride in every owner and operator. The simplicity of design and operation that surpasses all customers’ expectations.  The Phoenix Coach is the paradigm shift in the industry.

Phoenix Coach is about new discoveries and history. The look on a child’s face as they look out the windows of the coach and the excitement of adventure as they see America in all her glory. The rising sun in the morning as you cruise down the highway on wings like an eagle. Th Stories from people who share memories of their families driving, riding and gathering in their Eagle Coaches.