Phoenix Coach Careers

At Phoenix Coach Global, we’ve determined that our employees are our driving force. No matter how long you work with us and no matter what your job title is, we know that each employee is a vital part of the workings within a company. We want to offer each employee more than just a place to earn a living. We want Phoenix Coach Global to be a place to advance your career and work for an innovator in the motorcoach industry. We have career opportunities in our corporate offices for executives, accounting and administration; and also in our production plant, sales department, maintenance and distribution divisions.


Phoenix Coach Global strives to be an experience focused company, providing the customers with well designed, innovative and high-quality coaches. Phoenix Coach also provides superior customer services before, during and after the sale. We wish to operate at a level of profitability that is sufficient to encourage risk-taking and the ability to reward team members and the shareholders.

We believe that manufacturing is a critical part of the American economy. This
“American Made” mentality also puts an emphasis on quality every time we produce a coach. Our management has a great deal of personal and professional experience that lends itself to a work environment like no other. We also understand the importance of our investors and our customers and the role they play.

Without the trust and participation of our employees, our investors and our customers Phoenix Coach would not be able to operate.


The primary reason that Phoenix Coach exists is to manufacture motorcoaches. That is the bottom line. However, the purpose of Phoenix Coach goes far beyond that. We at Phoenix Coach are changing the way everyone perceives motorcoaches. Changing the way people view the bus industry starts with delivering the highest standard of quality every single time we sell a coach.

It goes beyond just making a great bus and getting a sale. Careers at PCG mean we listen to what our customers have to say – and we mean that.

If our customers do a lot for us, we want to do all we can for them. We want to be there for our customers at every stage of the purchasing process as well as when the purchase is completed and you’re a major part of that.

The products and services we provide are part of the fabric of the transportation industry in the US and the world. Your future with careers from Phoenix coach global promise advancement and stability with competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages.




Phoenix Coach Global currently produces the Phoenix Model 15, a reinvention of the classic Eagle Model 15. If you look closely you can see that the Eagle is at the heart of our coach. This is something we want people to know, we are building essentially Eagle coaches but not the Eagle Coaches of the past. Phoenix Coaches have the classic feel with all of the latest technological and industry advances. These Coaches are high quality and high class and will deliver everything the customer expects them to be. We want to be different and we want people to know we are different.


Phoenix Coach also operates a large e-commerce parts department, providing parts for a variety of makes and models of coaches. This also includes parts for original Eagle coaches and our new Phoenix coaches that are produced in-house.


Our methods on all sides of our business are centered around a professional group of people working toward a common goal. At Phoenix Coach, loyalty and integrity are how we conduct business. We are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about our product which showcases dependability and endurance that owners can rely on. We do not want to just build coaches for our customers, we want to help build their lifestyle– a lifestyle centered around the love for the best ride offered in the bus industry today.

If we currently have any available positions with Phoenix Coach, they will be listed below. If you feel you are a good fit for any of the available roles, please click on the opening and provide the details required on the following page. We thank you for your interest and hope to work with you soon.