Eagle Model Identification

How To Identify an Eagle

Understanding Terminology

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On occasion, it is asked, “How do you tell what model Eagle this is?” Now, this would seem like a simple question to answer but with Eagles, not everything is as it appears all of the time. In fact, a common misconception of the Eagle is the Model 01 and the name Eagle. Eagle originally wasn’t the make, it was actually the name of the model. Kassbohrer was commissioned by Continental Trailways to build them a motorcoach to rival that of the Scenicruser developed by GM and used by Greyhound. The Kassbohrer Eagle became their answer. When Kassbohrer focused their efforts on the European market, Continental Trailways worked with the Belgium company La Brugeoise et Nivelles. The coaches built by La Brugeoise et Nivelles and later Bus & Car when Eagle moved from being the model to Eagle becoming the make and the Eagle Model 01 became the foundation of the Eagle design and history.

How to identify a Kassbroher Eagle from and Eagle Model 01

The simplest method of identifying a Kassbohrer Eagle vs an Eagle Model 01 is the windshields. The early Krassbohrer Eagles had a 6-panel windshield layout. Later Kassbohrer Eagles switched to the 4-panel after input from Continental Trailways about driver discomfort.

Kassbohrer Eagle
Kassbohrer Eagle
1968 Eagle Model 01
1968 Eagle Model 01

As you can see in the photos above, the Kassbroher Eagle and Eagle Model 01 are very similar. All 6-panel coaches are Kassbroher Eagles but not all 4-panel coaches are Eagle Model 01. When  La Brugeoise et Nivelles first started production of the Eagle Model 01 they were provided the parts inventory for coaches already purchased but not yet produced by Kassbroher. There were  La Brugeoise et Nivelles produced Eagle Model 01’s produced with the Kassbroher logo on the Sterring wheel as wheel as the Kassbroher Eagle emblem. For sake of simplicity and the fact that the common venacular is the Eagle Model 01, we will use that caloplalism hence forth.

Unique Eagle Model 01 Features

Drive Train

The Eagle Model 01 had many design features that were unique to that serires of Eagle only. The Eagle Model 01 was the only Eagle series produced with the drive axle forward the tag axle. They were the only series to have used the MAN and ZF transmission combination, or have a Rolls-Royce engine installed. Nearly all of the early Eagle’s were later repowered with the Detroit Diesel 8V-71 coupled to a Spicer four-speed manual transmission. The 4 Super Golden Eagled were not repowered with this driveline.


Cargo Bays

The cargo bays were also unique in this design as the coaches were 40ft but had 4 bays and bay doors. These doors were single piece doors that did not hinge in the middle like later model Eagles.